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Comprehensive SAP Cloud Application Expertise

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Who we are

We're a team of expereienced developers that specialize in delivering SAP technology solutions and consulting services. Our focus is SAP BTP, Cloud Integration, Rest API Development, Web development and data-driven integration. We are also efficient in designing and implementing custom monitoring tools to enhance workflow insights and system performance.


What kind of services we are offering

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SAP System Integration

Our SAP System Integration service consists of developing and integrating SAP solutions to fit your business needs from scratch or into your existing infrastructure. Whether you want to improve workflows, manage data better, or accelerate your business processes, our experts will find a solution to fit your needs.  Technologies: SAP BTP SAP BTP plays a...

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SAP Consulting

Tap into our SAP Consulting and Support service and have a bunch of SAP pros right there with you. We’re here to help you navigate challenges, offer training, and provide proactive support, ensuring you make the most of your SAP investment. Our commitment to your satisfaction goes beyond just project development. At Morgan Solutions, we...

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Business Development

Specializing in REST APIs, OData, dashboards, and microservices, we employ a multifaceted approach that integrates SAP technologies, Django, and React to craft dynamic, scalable, and user-friendly solutions. Our expertise in SAP ensures a robust foundation for efficient business operations, while the combination of Django and React allows us to deliver cutting-edge web applications with seamless...

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our approach to work

How we work

As SAP consultants and developers, our work routine involves a mix of remote teamwork and office work. We've fully embraced modern technology, allowing us to operate efficiently from the comfort of our home offices or different office spaces. This approach enables collaboration with our colleagues and clients across various time zones, improving productivity and work-life balance.

OUR Work Process


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Communicate and consult

We encourage collaboration and make sure everyone's opinions are considered to match our IT solutions with diverse needs.

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Review and define

Our team assesses and sets project parameters. This helps us create a roadmap for successful IT implementation.

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Integrate and develop

We start developing interfaces, making sure our solutions fit into the current technology setup.

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Maintain and suport

We ensure that IT systems run smoothly, promptly addressing any issues and maintaining high reliability.


Technologies we're using

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SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is a cloud solution offering tools for app development, deployment, and management, covering PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS.

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SAP Build

SAP Build is a low-code cloud environment speeding up app development with features like a code editor, version control, and CI/CD.

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SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) is a cloud bridge connecting apps and data, featuring message mappings, transformations, and API management.

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Django, a Python web framework, empowers businesses to swiftly develop scalable, maintainable, and secure web apps.



SAP UI5, a versatile framework, enables developers to create visually appealing web apps across devices using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a rich library of ready-to-use elements.

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React, a JavaScript library, is a top choice for businesses creating interactive, performant, and scalable UIs with reusable components.


Recruitment options

At our company, we provide flexible solutions to meet diverse business needs through our outsourcing contracts and team employment opportunities. Whether your organization is seeking specific expertise or wishes to hire an entire team, we offer outsourcing contracts that align with your project requirements.

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